Press Release/Statements





ELCON Press Release on Uneconomic Power Plants

July 6, 2016




Charles Acquard Joins ELCON

November 30, 2015


ELCON Press Release on Letter to FERC Opposing Technical Conference on PURPA

November 19, 2015


Press Release on FERC Action Reaffirming Rights of Retail Consumers

November 13, 2015


John P. Hughes is New ELCON President

October 21, 2015


Statement on House Proposal on PURPA and Capacity Markets

September 15, 2015


John Anderson's Retirement Statement

September 14, 2015


Press Release on Capacity Markets

August 27, 2015


Press Release on Clean Power Plan

August 3, 2015


Press Release in Response to Supreme Court Ruling on EPA Regs

June 29, 2015


Demand Response Press Release

May 4, 2015





Anderson's Response to FERC Action on Order 745 - Press Release

June 11, 2014


Response to the Joint Agreement Proposed by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC)

February 12, 2014




ELCON Statement on Extension of BES Effecrive Date

June 14, 2013


ELCON Presses FERC for Action on Large Cogeneration Units

May 30, 2013


ELCON Supports NERC's Request for Extension on BES Implementation

May 30, 2013


ELCON Expresses Concern Over Impact of Changes in Definition of Bulk Electric System on Manufacturing Facilities

May 13, 2013




ELCON Letter on Cybersecurity Legislation   
May 4, 2011


Response to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
April 12
, 2011


John Anderson's Response to FERC's Issuance of Order 745 on Demand Response (Press Release)
March 15, 2011




ELCON Concerned About MISO's Anti-Consumer Actions (Press Release)
August 27, 2010


John Anderson's Presentation at FERC Technical Conference on NERC
July 6, 2010


ELCON Calls for Improved NERC-FERC Communications (Press Release)
July 6, 2010


Statement of John Anderson, President of ELCON, In Response to the Order of the Maryland Public Service Commission denying BGE's Application to Deploy a Smart Grid Initiative (9208) (Press Release)
June 24, 2010


ELCON Supports Rulemaking on RTO/ISO Responsiveness (Press Release)
February 4, 2010